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Decorative Bark

Decorative bark has a variety of uses in the garden. It is available in a number of sizes, micro, small, medium and large. Micro size bark can be used as a ground cover for small areas and can be used as a decorative top dressing for containers and pots. Small decorative bark is fine textured and can be used for walkways, as a general ground cover and as mulch. Medium and large size bark can be used in large areas to produce a bold effect, medium and large size bark also works well in raised planter areas. The most common application for decorative bark is as a cover over the ground to give a decorative or finished look to flower beds. When decorative bark is spread over a bed, it can help to suppress weeds, by blocking out the light from the soil. Decorative bark can also help conserve soil moisture by trapping the moisture below the surface and stopping evaporation. It also insulates roots from extremes of temperatures, a thick layer of bark spread over the ground at the base of a tree will keep the heat in the ground in the winter and keep the ground cooler in the summer.

Used for

  • Giving a finished look to beds

  • Suppressing weeds in beds

  • Conserving soil moisture

  • Insulating roots from extremes of temperature


Generally, decorative bark is available in two cubic feet (2 ft³) size bags.


The following coverage table for small medium and large size barks will help you determine how much bark you will need in your application. Scroll down the page for a coverage chart for micro size bark.

One bag (2 ft³ size) will cover the following

48 ft² (8'*6')  at a thickness of 1/2"

18 ft² (6'*3')  at a thickness of 1"

9 ft² (3'*3')  at a thickness of 2"

6 ft² (3'*2')  at a thickness of 3"

This coverage table should be used for Micro bark  

One bag (2 ft³ size) of Micro bark will cover the following

24 ft² (6'*4')  at a thickness of 1"

12 ft² (6'*2')  at a thickness of 2"

8 ft² (4'*2')  at a thickness of 3"

Additional items

  • Gardening Gloves. Don't forget to wear your gardening gloves, when handling bark.

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