How to: Design Your Own Floral Arrangement

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Here at the Cambria Nursery & Florist, we have an onsite florist that can design arrangements for any occasion. But we also have a stock of flowers that you can buy to take home and design your own. Feel free to keep reading or watch our video on how to design your own floral arrangement like a pro!

  1. Use Floral Tape. Place the floral tape onto the top of your vase in a cross formation. This will keep your stems from falling into the middle of the vase and will create a more founded, full look.
  2. Cut the leaves off of your stems. Not only will leaves make it more difficult to get your desired look for the arrangement, but they will also make your vase water dirty more quickly. Dirty water makes the arrangement not last as long.
  3. Use a variety of heights and colors. Don’t be afraid to play around with different heights and colors of stems and flowers. This will add a lot of dimension to your arrangement.
  4. Get creative! There are no rules on how an arrangement should look. Use this time to get creative.

If you choose to use our flowers to make an arrangement at home don’t be afraid to tag us in any photos on Instagram and Facebook! We would love to see what you come up with.


Happy Arranging, 

Cambria Nursery & Florist

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