How to Build a Fire Smart Landscape

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Due to the recent fires in California, we figured it would be a perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of having a fire-safe landscape. Wildfires happen quickly and in the midst of them, there is no time to protect your property. However, there are preventative measures you can take to slow fires for when they happen. Keep reading or watch our webinar to learn more.

  • There are 3 zones in fire smart landscaping that you should base your landscaping design on.
    • Zone 1: From your house to 5 feet out. You don’t want anything within this space. You want there to be a space where firefights can stand between your house and defending the fire.
    • Zone 2: 5 feet to 30 ft. This area is fair game as long as you follow the bullet points below.
    • Zone 3: 30 feet to 100 feet. This is where it is safer to place tall plants such as trees.
  • Avoid creating a fire ladder up to your house. A fire ladder is a term for placing easily flammable plants at short, medium, and tall heights all next to each other and close to your home. This will cause a domino effect up to the roof of your house and will make it burn quicker.
  • Be sure to keep a lean, green, and clean garden. The key is to keep your plants healthy and green without dried out pieces that are easily flammable. You should also avoid plants that shed pieces as they will aid in creating a fire ladder and are often combustible.

There isn’t much you can do once a fire starts, but if you follow these rules it can slow fires and potentially save your home. Stay safe out there!

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