How-To Make a Fairy Garden

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As we get older sometimes it’s easy to forget how powerful our imaginations were as kids. Remember how easy it was to create your wildest dreams in your head? Well, you are never too old to use your imagination! Today, we are going to teach you how to create your own fairy garden. This is a great activity to do by yourself, with friends or your entire family! Want to see the fairy garden our resident webinar teacher, Karissa, made? Check out that video and all of our other webinars here!



  • Saucer, or shallow container 
  • Potting Soil 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Mixture of greens & flowers
  • Rocks and pebbles 
  • Fairy tale creatures 


We have all of these supplies right at Cambria Nursery & Florist and can help you find the perfect pieces to your fairy garden! We even offer local delivery to Cambria Residents and Curbside Pick-Up to those who fall outside of the 93428 zip code! Just stop on by, or give us a call to place an order. If you can’t come in, or place an order with us that’s no problem! You can always repurpose plants around the house and grab small trinkets and toys to place in your fairy garden. There are no rules here! 



First, you will need to grab your saucer, or shallow dish and fill it with potting soil. Dirt is fine too, but soil is rich with the nutrients that plants need to grow as healthy as possible. Once the saucer is full, you will want to massage nitrogen-rich fertilizer into your potting soil to give the plants and flowers you will be planting that extra boost they need to grow beautiful and strong. 

Next, add your rocks! These rocks will provide shelter for the roots to grow throughout the dish. Set them up however you would like. 

This next step is where your imagination is really going to come in handy! Imagine the world you want your fairy creature to live in. Where would you like your creatures to sit, stand, dance and play? What decorations are filling the space? Do they have friends with them? Once you have the perfect picture, then we can really get started!

Because we are using a shallow container, you will want to grab your plant starts and tear about half an inch to an inch of soil off the bottom to expose the roots and help them grow in the area a bit better. Don’t be scared! These roots are resilient. Now, place your plants wherever you see fit. This is YOUR dream fairy garden so get creative. Don’t forget to play around with height and color to make your garden extra fun for your fairy friends. A great way to fill any blank spaces is with moss. Not only is moss beautiful and green, but it is also a great nutrient for soil as well. 

The final and most important step is to add our fairy pieces! Remember that perfect world you imagined for your fairy? Now is the time to bring it to life. Don’t be afraid to play around with the placement of everything. This fairy garden can be whatever you want it to be! 

It’s that easy! A quick and FUN activity that creates a cute garden that you can place anywhere in and out of your home. Watch your mini garden grow and imagine your fairy tale creatures living and thriving in their own little universe. 

Be sure to check back to this page, or our Facebook for fun new gardening tips and tricks!


Happy Gardening, 

The Cambria Nursery & Florist Team

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